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I'm Coach Allison, a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC), corporate wellness consultant, professional speaker, bestselling author, and breast cancer thriver.  I became a coach after 20 years of crazy busy corporate life.  I loved the intensity of this life in the fast lane.  This is how smart and ambitious people live their lives to the fullest, right?  Goals, dreams, and aspirations were important to me, and I didn’t mind working hard to get there.  I wanted it all.  In order to have it all, I had to give my all… and some serious superhuman efforts.


My Journey

This insanely busy lifestyle came to a screeching halt with a single phone call, with these exact words that I will never forget.  “Unfortunately we found some cancer in your biopsy.”  After the difficult and aggressive medical treatments and my victory over the disease, I returned to school to study holistic health.  Now as a thriving survivor and entrepreneur, I implement my battle-tested knowledge of life-work balance daily.  I am determined to share it with the world, for this is the mission and purpose of my life now.


My Focus

The focus of my health coaching practice is on helping busy professionals stop the insanity in their lives by taking care of themselves first so they can get more done in less time.  Crazy busy lifestyle may seem like the norm, but it is not.  Take back your life and claim the joy that is rightfully yours!  That is the only sustainable lifestyle that will bring optimal wellbeing and performance.


My Method

I use Whole Being Approach ® in every aspect of my coaching.  We are more than just the sum of our parts.  Every component of our lives is influenced by the other components.  Strengthen and heal as a whole person, not just the symptoms.


My Coaching

Lifestyle shift requires a correct roadmap and consistent action.  I can help you stop the insanity so you can take back your life.  It is your time to take on this journey!  I will guide you!  Start here.


All the best,

Coach Allison, INHC ®


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