Protect Yourself from Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)

The evidence is overwhelming, and growing more and more, that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is making us very sick. It has been shown to cause negative biological effects such as genetic mutations, behavioral changes, immune suppression, hormonal disturbance, fertility impairment, and many serious and life-threatening diseases.

We are surrounded by electronic devices that generate EMR. We're addicted to them, in fact. The worst part of this electropollution is when our bodies come in direct contact with or close proximity to these devices -- smart phone touching your ear when you're making a call, your fingers touching the phone screen when you're texting, the phone in your shirt/jean pocket all the other times, your hands on your computer while working near the router, and using other various EMR emitting devices.

Fortunately, these direct and close contacts are in your control.

These Cell Guard CasesCell Guards and Universal Guards neutralize the harmful effects of EMR. Protect yourself from the electropollution. Order them here today.


Disclaimer:  My recommendation is only for the radiation protection shown above, and for no other products on giaWellness website.


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